About Returklubben

Returklubben is a brand name of ISOLDA AB from Gothenburg in Sweden. Returklubben collects empty cartridges in the Nordic region for many years already.

Together with its partners, Returklubben takes care of the collection of all kind of empty toner and inkjet cartridges in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

By means of stimulating the collection of empty cartridges, Returklubben makes sure that useful empty cartridges are not destroyed or thrown on landfills.

Returklubben and its partners provide used cartridges a second life. Upon receiving the empty cartridges, all packaging materials are removed. The empty cartridges are then carefully sorted out per type and model, visually inspected and packed in boxes. These boxes are then sent to a cartridge remanufacturing facility where they are subjected to a second visual inspection and an electronic check before getting refilled with toner powder or ink.

Cartridges that cannot be remanufactured are sent to a licensed waste company that will take care of the destruction of the useless empty cartridges. A part of it is used for alternative fuel production.

The handing in of empty cartridges at the source is therefore recommended, because without the supply of a sufficient number of empty cartridges, alternative cartridges would not be available. Moreover, collection has an immediate beneficial effect on the environment and this is where Returklubben stands for!