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0.  Cooperation
Returklubben has set up a partnership agreement with Recoll bv, Bredaseweg 103-105, 4872 LA Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. It is agreed that Recoll takes care of logistics, administration, crediting and payment of the empty cartridge collection business of Returklubben and Isolda AB in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Within this cooperation Returklubben only acts as a brand owned by ISOLDA AB from Gothenburg in Sweden.

1. Logistics
RETURKLUBBEN/RECOLL will only arrange a pickup with a minimum quantity of 25 empty cartridges which are mentioned on the selection list published on the Returklubben website.

Pickup requests of less than 25 cartridges or pickup requests for cartridges not mentioned on the selection list, can/will be refused. Returklubben/Recoll can charge logistical costs for a pickup or can adapt the minimum quantity required to justify a pickup.
The supplier/sender of the empty cartridges is obliged to pack the cartridges in a way that the cartridges will not damage during transportation or handling. Strong carton boxes are recommended.  The boxes should be closed by means of solid tape.

If empty inkjet- and toner cartridges are sent at the same time, the supplier needs to pack the inkjet cartridges separate from the toner cartridges by means of a sealed plastic bag. This is to prevent any damage to the inkjet cartridges. Toner powder can easily pollute the nozzle plates of empty inkjet cartridges.

The supplier/sender should always clearly state on the outside of the box or pallet as well inside the box or pallet, the suppliers’/senders’ details: company name, address and supplier number. In case no details are mentioned on or inside the box or pallet, Returklubben/Recoll will have the right to keep the empty cartridges without  giving any feedback or reimbursement to the supplier.
Returklubben/Recoll cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss during transportation, handling or sorting.

Returklubben/Recoll cannot accept non-valuable or damaged toner and/ or inkjet cartridges, toner bottles, ribbons, batteries, other waste and/or toner and/or inkjet cartridges from the following brands: Develop, Epson, Gestetner, Infotec, Kyocera Mita, Lanier, Minolta, Nashuatec, Oce, Philips, Rex Rotary, Ricoh, Sagem, Savin, Sharp, Tally, Toshiba, Utax and Xerox.

In a case a supplier delivers to Returklubben/Recoll large number of non-valuable or damaged toner and or inkjet cartridges, toner bottles, ribbons, batteries, other waste and/or toner and/or inkjet cartridges from the following brands: Develop, Epson, Gestetner, Infotec, Kyocera Mita, Lanier, Minolta, Nashuatec, Oce, Philips, Rex Rotary, Ricoh, Sagem, Savin, Sharp, Tally, Toshiba, Utax and Xerox. Returklubben/Recoll can charge the supplier EURO 2,50 per kilo for disposal and handling costs.

If during inspection it appears that a delivery of a supplier/sender contains a high number of non-valuable cartridges or waste, Returklubben/Recoll can decide to stop the inspection and return a part of the shipment or even the complete shipment to the supplier, without any further explanation or obligation. No reimbursement will then be given.
At any point of time Returklubben/Recoll is able to refuse any pickup request or shipment of empty cartridges, without mentioning a reason to the sender/supplier.

2. Reimbursement
Reimbursement for empty inkjet and toner cartridges can fluctuate strongly. Reimbursement lists are issued on a monthly or quarterly base. Prices of empty cartridges can change at any moment, so also during the validation period of the reimbursement list. Prices can change without prior notice to the supplier.
Empty cartridges are inspected visually. Damaged or severely polluted cartridges will be rejected and not reimbursed to the supplier. Returklubben/Recoll does not reimburse non-virgin cartridges (so called already remanufactured empty cartridges) unless stated differently at the reimbursement list.

Due to high logistical costs or for any other plausible reason, Returklubben/Recoll can decide not  to give any reimbursement for empty cartridges.

Prices mentioned on reimbursement lists exclude VAT.

3. Payment
Returklubben/Recoll will wire the total value of an issued credit memo to the bank account of the supplier within 14 days after date of credit memo. Returklubben/Recoll does not pay in cash or by means of checks.

Returklubben/Recoll will not reimburse any money for pickups which represent a value lower than 20,00 EUROS after sorting.

4. Collection material
Returklubben/Recoll supplies collection material to the supplier for free. Nevertheless collection material will always remain the property of Returklubben/Recoll. Returklubben/Recoll can ask the supplier/sender to return the collection material (boxes, bags, stickers, posters, displays etc.) to Returklubben/Recoll at any point of time.

When using collection material supplied by Returklubben/Recoll, suppliers/senders are obliged to collect empty cartridges and to deliver the collected empty cartridges to Returklubben/Recoll exclusively. If the supplier/sender does not send the collected empty cartridges to Returklubben/Recoll, Returklubben/Recoll will ask the supplier/sender to immediately return the collection materials at the expense of the supplier/sender. The supplier/sender will, until further notice, not be able to receive collection material from Returklubben/Recoll anymore.

5. General
In order to make sure that the mix of cartridges collected from a supplier is interesting enough for Returklubben/Recoll, the suppliers of Returklubben/Recoll need to deliver Returklubben/Recoll the full mix of cartridges collected and not only a selected part. Returklubben/Recoll can refuse shipments from suppliers that only offer a part of their collection.
The details of a supplier are registered in the Returklubben/Recoll database and can be used for Returklubben/Recoll, or ISOLDA purposes. The details of a supplier are treated confidentially in accordance with the law.
Returklubben/Recoll has the right to change the conditions. After the change of conditions, old conditions will expire.

In case of a dispute, a judge in the Netherlands will deal with the dispute. Dutch law will apply on all conditions.

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