What will happen to my personal details?
In accordance with the applicable Protection of Personal Details Act, your personal details are handled extremely carefully. The processing and protection of your details have been set down in our privacy policy.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?
Please click on ‘Forgotten password’ on the home page, enter your username and e-mail address which is known with Returklubben and you will receive a new password by e-mail.

Where can I send my empty cartridges?
Your shipment will be collected free of charge, provided that your shipment contains 25 empty cartridges from the selection list or more. The selection list can be found on our website under: Empty cartridges to collect

How much does a collection box cost?
Nothing. This box is made available to you free of charge.

Can I submit all cartridges to Returklubben?
You can submit all your empty toners and inkjet cartridges, provided that you have a minimum quantity of 25 pieces of items mentioned on the selection list. The selection list can be found on our website under: Empty cartridges to collect

Returklubben cannot accept toner bottles, ribbons, batteries, other waste and toner and inkjet cartridges from the following brands: Develop, Epson, Gestetner, Infotec, Kyocera Mita, Lanier, Minolta, Nashuatec, Oce, Philips, Rex Rotary, Ricoh, Sagem, Savin, Sharp, Tally, Toshiba, Utax and Xerox.

Do I first need to sort my shipment?
No, this is not necessary.

Can I, as a private individual, submit my empty cartridges to Returklubben?
If you have less than 25 empty cartridges available. You can deposit empty cartridges in a dedicated collection box with one of our collection partners. To find the nearest collection partner, click here.

What happens to the empty cartridges collected by Returklubben?
The empty cartridges that we collect are carefully processed for reuse, allowing for the supply of good and cheap alternatives.

Do you have any questions or comments that have not been answered above? Then please complete the contact form for our Customer Service or send us an e-mail. We will reply to you soon.